Your Craft-Bilt sunroom project begins with a complimentary property survey to determine if your local city codes and particular building requirements will allow a sunroom to be installed on your home.

If a sunroom is permissible, your local Craft-Bilt -authorized dealer will work with you to create a complimentary custom sunroom design right for you.

Once your custom design is complete, your Craft-Bilt -authorized dealer sends it to Craft-Bilt  where it is reviewed by our engineering department. Blueprints are created in our CAD design department and engineered to meet all local and national codes. The blueprints are approved by a Craft-Bilt  Registered Engineer and returned to your Craft-Bilt -authorized dealer.

After your local Craft-Bilt -authorized dealer receives the initial blueprints, their project coordinator will review them with you and make any necessary changes.

Once the prints are finalized, your custom sunroom is ordered and production begins. Each room is hand assembled and inspected for complete quality control. Production is completed in 14 days and shipped to your local Craft-Bilt -authorized dealer, who will arrange the permits and foundation installation (if required) and the installation of your room.

Once the foundation is complete, the actual installation of your sunroom takes only 1 to 2 days to complete – a fact that surprises many homeowners. This is possible because your sunroom was assembled to exact specifications in our manufacturing facility, guaranteeing that every part will fit.

After installation, any breakthroughs (if required) from the home to the sunroom are completed. Electrical is also completed after the room installation is complete, usually within 3-7 days.

Your local Craft-Bilt -authorized dealer is there to advise you every step of the way, offering you complete customer service and peace of mind.