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Beautifully Crafted Railings
Engineered for Quality
Designed for Living

  • Maintenance-free aluminum construction is durable and strong.

  • Die-Cast aluminum floor brackets covers all unsightly bolts and hardware for finished look.

  • Gentle curves designed into the hard rail make it comfortable to the touch.

  • Specially fabricated caps provide a smooth, clean appearance while protecting fasteners from the elements.

  • Snap-in Picket spacers eliminate unsightly gaps between the pickets, while providing a solid look and feel.

  • Polyester Powder Coatings and Duracon Thermosetting Acrylic Enamel finished assure a long lasting, trouble-free finish that is surface-impact, corrosion and scratch resistant.

At Designer Sunrooms and Additions we us Craft-Bilt Manafacturing Ltd. for Railing Impressions that last.

Craft-Bilt™ Structural Railing is catching on...
Eliminate the hassle of painting or staining. Never again worry about that orange, rusting wrought iron or that rotting, loose wood. (A splinter from pressure treated wood a good source of vitamin arsenic)

Worried about expansion, contraction, fading or cracking associated with plastic (pvc) and pvc composite products? Aluminum is used in commercial buildings, aircraft, aerospace and many other critical applications for it's strength, exact tolerance and maintenance-free properties.

This is not the aluminum railing you see at your lumber store. Craft-Bilt™ Structural Railing is designed to meet the Canadian Building Code (which is tougher than most provincial codes). Our post caps, wall brackets and unique post bracket covers are made from CNC machined or die-cast aluminum... not plastic.

One look at the heavy aluminum post and you will be impressed with the difference. Let your Craft-Bilt™ dealer show you how our unique design eliminates the reliance on screws that other companies use to hold their systems together.

The beauty of Craft-Bilt™ Structural Railing is in it's clean lines. There are no protruding splices or couplings, everything is flush and smooth. The modern, substantive appearance will add value and "curb appeal" to your property.

Watertight, Maintenance-Free, Engineered Strength, Beautiful Appearance